Mobile Solution

In 2010, LifePics launched the first ever photo-ordering mobile app.

On-the-go Photo Ordering

LifePics app allows users to order prints directly from their mobile device to any retailer in the LifePics network, and is available on all mobile platforms: iOS (Apple), Android, and Windows Phone 7.

Users can place orders for photos that are stored on the mobile device, or in their online photo accounts, and can order to locations based on preset store preferences or GPS searches to locate stores near them.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3: users select the photos to order within the app, then swing by your store to pick up the prints. The process is quick, convenient, and drives foot traffic into your store.

After launching the app, it quickly became one of the highest producing ordering channels for our network of retailers.

On the go Photo Ordering

Co-branded or White Label

Our LifePics photo app is included for all retailers in our network. We also offer a version of the app that is branded specifically for your business. In essence, this is your own photo ordering app, and users can place orders from the app specifically to your store(s) only. This creates a supreme user experience and customer retention strategy.

Access Images Anyplace, Anytime

Mobile phones and devices have become critical tools in your customers’ everyday lives. Among other things, they are primary picture taking and memory management devices. Our overall app strategy is based on giving your customers access to their photos anyplace, anytime. People can take a photo anywhere, and can instantly order it to your store, as well as save it in their online photo account that you provide via LifePics. Once the image is archived, your customer can access it again from their mobile device, computer, or kiosk in-store to use on future orders.

LifePics Apps

LifePics App


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